Why I can’t stand with “SJWs”

Over the past couple of months I have observed a community of intelligent, (mostly) well-meaning, progressive people tear each other and themselves (as a community) apart over what I previously viewed as a very basic concept most of us share…social justice.  Extreme sides have developed and so many people are caught in the middle unsure of how to best proceed.  It appears you have to pick a side…if you don’t you’re a Nazi (even when you aren’t), deplorable, a rape apologist (whether you’ve defended rape or not), or a white supremacist (whether you’re white or not). Or you’re a piece of shit, a retard, or an asshole. Or you could be a snowflake, a fascist, ridiculous, an embarrassment, dense, a bully, dumb, dishonest, incapable of conversation, irrational, disingenuous, emotional, a robot…plug and play any generic insult…and you should definitely be ashamed of yourself.

We’ve come to a point at which words are flung around with such ease that they’ve come to mean nothing. And they certainly don’t represent the people at which they are being directed. I’ve been called every single thing listed above in the past two months and so much more. I’ve been told that I should sit down, stop talking, shut the fuck up, that I’m not worth someone’s time…all because I’ve challenged ideas, questioned behaviors, or simply respectfully disagreed with someone’s position. Honestly, people…what the hell is wrong with us? When did we become incapable of discussing our disagreements civilly and like adults?  And why?

Social Justice Warriors and the Bad Guys

Equality and fair treatment for all without regard to race, sexuality, gender, class, religion, age, nationality, etc.  Seems great, right? An ideal to strive for and incredibly difficult to attain.  The important thing is that we recognize our problems and work together to try to do better.  Right? Wrong.  At least that’s not how it works anymore.  Out of this movement has grown a superiority complex on behalf of some individuals who demonstrate not only a disregard for actual problems, but also a complete lack of humanism and decency when it comes to cooperating and conversing with people who happen to disagree about some things…anything…even just one thing.  It’s really baffling how this radical sect of the social justice movement justifies behavior that mirrors the behavior that they claim to be against.  But it’s okay when they do it because they are fighting the “bad guys.”

Who are the “bad guys?”

Me. You. Anyone who asks a question. Anyone who disagrees. It’s really crazy to watch it unfold.  For example, I don’t believe that violence is the proper course of action when dealing with a person with whom you disagree, even when those disagreements are fundamental.  If someone were to say to me that they think that gay people should not be allowed to marry, that immigrants are animals and we should oppose them, that minorities aren’t as well suited for something simply because of their race, or that opposing ideas should be oppressed because someone doesn’t like them, I would strongly oppose those things.  But what do I gain by punching them in the face?  What will change from me doing so? By simply asking these questions, I’m labeled a sympathizer or apologist of whatever the ideological difference may be or I’m defending them, no matter what my stance is on it or whether or not I ACTUALLY defended them. Instead the radicals make assumptions, tell me what my position is, spread misinformation, sling personal insults, treat me like I’m stupid, etc.

Look…I WANT to be able to stand with other social justice advocates because that is what I am. But I don’t agree with the tactics of the radical portion of the community (who happen to also be the loudest), so I’m out of the club…what kind of shit is that?  We agree on so many things but because I think some behaviors are extreme and unacceptable, I’m dismissed as (insert whatever ridiculous accusation here)?! They can’t be serious!! But they ARE.  And it is exhausting.

So who are the REAL “bad guys?”

Are you ready for this? There are no bad guys, as a collective, and social justice advocates aren’t good guys, as a collective.  There are people. We are people.  We are vastly diverse in backgrounds and views and that really is okay. What we have, as social justice advocates, are opportunities. There are so many reasons why people hold the beliefs and positions they do and until you actually LISTEN to someone, you don’t have any idea what they are.  Maybe someone is simply uninformed because they were taught something their whole life by people they trust and all they need is someone to explain a new perspective to them. Maybe someone really needs to be educated (and we can certainly do that).  Maybe all someone needs is a spark or for al light bulb to go off.  Instead we, as a community, have resorted to childish behavior. We denigrate each other and feign superiority over others. We prance around all high and mighty and treat anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the groupthink like shit because we are “better” that they are. I have news for all of you. We aren’t.

Bullying and harassing people on social media has become a normal behavior within our community.  This is not only how we have treated perceived outsiders, but how we are treating EACH OTHER!  It makes other people in the community afraid to join the conversation, afraid to agree or disagree with anyone, afraid to participate. Listen…this is unacceptable and it is not an effective way to influence or teach people.  It is not how we learn and grow as individuals or as a community.  And it certainly will not create any kind of environment through which the positive message of actual social justice can spread.



So…this is my plea to you…my call to action, if you will.  If you think someone’s ideas are dangerous or you simply disagree with someone, put in the effort to change their minds and their hearts.  And listen closely now because this is important…we will never promote positive change behaving as we currently do.  Reach out to someone you disagree with.  Listen. Talk. Learn.  Build a bridge.  Actually BE the better people we think we are.  Stop all the petty nonsense that is tearing us apart. Maybe if we do this, we can grow as a community and refocus on our missions.  Maybe then we can truly provide an example for respectful interaction and discourse with each other.  Maybe then we can help society progress to and grow into a world we all want to be a part of.


Thank you for taking the time to read my message and please feel free to follow me on Twitter @ge_kaitlyn if you’d like to talk more.


Hyperianism Is A New Mystery Religion

Yes, it is a Religion

So MorgueOfficial is pushing a new mystery religion known as Hyperianism. Hyperianism is a new mystery religion that is becoming popular.

Hyperianism is a pseudoscience filled word salad of a religion. There are a few requirements for it to be called a mystery religion. One is that only those within the belief will understand the teachings. Two is they have their own code words or language that they will understand and be taught once you join the religion.

He says that only the “brightest” of those in the world will be able to understand hyperian beliefs and messages. This is a key factor in all mystery religions.

Next he says that they have their own language or code that people will learn when they become part of the cult / religion. This is classic mystery religion type of teaching. Keeping stuff secret and only for those within the religion.

God Saves Runaway Car

We have some extraordinary dumbasses this week.

  1. One guy disses satan in pure epic fail fashion.
  2. Woman thanks god for her daughters rape
  3. Two girls saved by god when he stops runaway car
  4. The 10 commandments makes shit better for everyone, literally
  5. Health care is about faith



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Gender Wage Gap in the U.S.

Recently I have been involved in several discussions regarding the gender wage gap in the United States.  It started with the following image:


A fairly significant discussion ensued about how the gender wage gap in the U.S. is a myth because it looks at wages as a whole rather than by industry, which is misleading.  Last night, while watching the Democratic debate, Godless Engineer and I discussed the issue again…on which we don’t exactly agree and I think it deserves another look.

The typical argument that women earn 79 cents for every dollar a man earns is based on the average difference between the earnings of men and women employed in full time positions.

wage gap

In 2009 the U.S. Department of Labor released a study on the wage gap which revealed that the “adjusted” wage gap—which accounts for other factors like differences in education, number of hours worked, job sector, position, etc.—is actually somewhere between 4.8 and 7 cents1 which supports the idea that the gender wage gap in the U.S. is a myth.

The problem with the “adjusted” wage gap is that it overlooks the reasons of the adjusted factors, many of which result from society’s discriminatory expectations of men and women.  For example, sexism is still prominent in the workplace.

Men are more likely to be hired in management roles and considered for promotions while administrative roles are predominately filled by women.

In addition, women spend about 32% more time than men on domestic work and childcare.2   It is estimated that women who elect to have children are perceived to be less committed to their careers and studies have shown that for every child a woman has, she suffers a 5% wage penalty.3  According the American Association of University Women, “Becoming a mother can negatively affect women’s earnings, while becoming a father does not typically have the same effect.”4

In 2014 the Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a study in which they tracked 535 full-time occupations and in the 125 occupations with comparable earnings data, men earned more than women in all but one profession.5   From this study, the Bureau of Labor Statistics published the 10 smallest and 10 largest wage gaps in tables by occupation which showed that the jobs with the largest wage gaps have significantly higher earning potential and those occupations in which pay is more equal have significantly lower earning potential.


bottom 10

While I will not argue there is no value in looking at the adjusted gender wage gap, we still need to address the underlying causes of the external factors that affect income inequality between men and women.  Also, as Godless Engineer pointed out, the gap isn’t standard across the board and solutions to the wage gap need to be addressed at the industry level.  However, I find it more than a little troubling that the highest gender wage gaps occur in the higher paid positions, an issue that should also be addressed. What does it say about our society when we argue that women can make as much as men if they want to be a stock clerk or a maid, but can’t if they want to be a financial advisor, manager, sales person, or CEO?
*Kaitlyn Chloe
1. Sommers, Christina Hoff. “Wage Gap Myth Exposed – By Feminists.” American Enterprise Institute. Huff Post Politics. Web. 4 Nov 2012. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/christina-hoff-sommers/wage-gap_b_2073804.html)
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5. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  “Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey,” available at http://www.bls.gov/cps/cpsaat39.htm  (last accessed April 2015).

Islamic Jackasses

Islamic Jackasses

So there are a couple of stories prevalent in the news that need to be addressed. I took the time last night to address them. One is a Muslim shooting a cop in Philly and the other is about Muslims in Germany that are Raping women on NYE.


In Cologne on NYE, a bunch of men decided they were going to go and rape women to start the new year. There have been hundreds of reports of this from that night alone. Only a few have been identified and are being investigated.

One big problem is that where these immigrants are fleeing is that their culture is ingrained with their religion. It’s so heavily mixed, that it is impossible to separate at this point.

A Norwegian woman was raped in Dubai and was arrested for trumped up charges because she was in fact raped. They quite literally have rape culture in those societies due to the religious infusion in their government and culture in general.

See Friendly Atheists Post


In Philly, a cop was a attacked by a muslim man who was apparently waging a personal jihad against the police force and only he knew about it. He’s quoted as saying that he attacked the unsuspecting police officer because he defended laws that were against the Qur’an. Well no shit sherlock… the founding principles of america are against the Qur’an.

What he did though was run up to a parked police car, fires aimlessly into the vehicle, then flees like a lil bitch. The cop that got shot however gets out of his car and chases after the mafucker.

For more commentary and information, please watch the video below:


$1.4 Billion Lottery: The Bible and Gambling

Many Christians choose to abstain from gambling for “religious” reasons. But what does the bible say about gambling?

Interestingly enough the bible does not specifically condemn gambling, betting, or the lottery.  However there are several passages in the bible warning against the love of money (1 Timothy 6:10 and Hebrews 13.5) and “get rich quick” schemes (Proverbs 13:11; 23:5, and Ecclesiastes 5:10) both of which apply to gambling, betting, and the lottery.

“No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” -Matthew 6:24

So without expressly forbidding gambling, betting, or the lottery why are some Christians so adamant that this behavior is a sin?  According to Pastor Roger Barrier in his column “Ask Roger,” people have to decide for themselves what their personal convictions lead them to believe.  If buying a lottery ticket breaks your conscience, then it is a sin.  Others have made claims regarding stewardship of the poor and how playing the lottery is not a wise use of money.

While there are several arguments for why Christians shouldn’t gamble, there are arguments for the opposite position among Christians as well.  Catholics apply certain conditions on gambling to ensure that it isn’t illicit, therefore not a sin.  Then there are more wild claims of people who have prayed about their financial issues, been “led” to buy a lottery ticket, and won.  Or those who feel like gambling is a sin, but play anyway because of all the good they can do with the winnings.

In my personal experience,  I’ve met people who are very religious who will gamble and others who won’t.  I currently work with a person who would not participate in a fun game of poker bowling among coworkers for a small $2 bet, claiming the moral “high ground” of gambling being a sin. However, with the Powerball now climbing to $1.4 billion, is playing and has been for the last couple of drawings because its “just so much money” and “Jesus would understand.”

The hypocrisy of the religious never ceases to amaze me.  While gambling, betting, and the lottery are a gray area for the religious because they are not expressly forbidden in the bible, some still choose to flaunt a fictitious moral high ground through refusing to partake in such activities.  Unless the jackpot is “high enough” of course.  And when you win, don’t forget Jesus’ 10%…that shit IS in the bible, so your ass better do it.

*Kaitlyn Chloe