“BTW, you may have noticed by now that I swear. I swear a lot. I’ve never met a pastor who didn’t. We just don’t do it around you.” — Pastor “John”


Pastor No Faith

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As I’ve said many times, I never wanted or intended to become an atheist.  Just after I got over denying my atheism I tried to make one last go of faith to at least see if I was wrong about God’s nonexistence.  So I contacted a pastor on Facebook whom I’ve never actually met and who knows absolutely no one that I know.

Derek is a pastor that I met via a Facebook group.  The group that we are both in is very left of center morally and politically. He is the resident pastor of this band of atheists, vegans, feminists, LGBTQ, environmentalists, and over all self proclaimed progressives.  He is well loved in this group and rightfully so.  He does an awesome job pastoring these very non-religious people in the moments they need a pastor.

Oh, he’s a Universalist.  A mainline pastor who belongs to a historic denomination that no…

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