Sany Rios of the American Family Association claimed that because the engineer of the horrible Amtrak Train Wreck was a gay rights activist and / or he himself is gay that caused the train to be derailed.

She goes to specify that it’s no the sole reason for the wreck by saying:

“I’m not inferring that this accident occurred because he was gay. I do think it’s an interesting part of the story”

No it’s really not you fucking nitwit. It should be of no consequence that he was gay or was a gay rights activist; however, I do believe that you being christian and an authority in a Christian Hate group has everything to do with you finding it “an interesting part of the story.” You want to highlight a connection between horrible disasters and the LGBT community in order to build some kind of mental link between them and bad shit happening.

You have an agenda and it’s fucking showing like a goddamned billboard.

— (via RWW)


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