Do you guys remember Pastor Donnie Romero… If you’re unsure, here is my edited video of the comments that awarded him this hate group title by the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Now you see why it was a no-brainer for Heidi Beirich, director of SPLC’s Intelligence Project:

Their gay-bashing is intense. Stedfast Baptist Church is very crude in its hatred. That’s not a complicated thing to explain why we put them on the hate list.

This isn’t the only one added to the list of Christian Hate groups on the SPLC’s shit list. Probe Ministries, which I find hilariously ironic in title, was also added to the list of hate groups for (as reported by TNCRM):

Probe has a syndicated radio broadcast with more than a million listeners, which they use to preach that homosexuality is a sin and should be illegal.

They also push the idea that gays molest children more and die younger because of their lifestyle. Right… because straight preachers in churches don’t ever molest children… nope… never…

They also push this whole gay therapy thing that is moving to the realm of illegality here in the states, but not so much in Russia where they have taken their message to.  As if the LGBT community in Russia didn’t already have enough to fucking worry about, n0w they have these Assholes For Christ on their asses.

So set up your google alerts and wait for the news to role in on these HATE GROUPS

(h/t The New Civil Rights Movement )


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