Christians suing over “God’s Not Dead”

I shit you not. Christians really fucking care about this movie as well as who gets the credit for producing and creating this pile of dog shit movie. But you won’t guess who has reared his lil Dennis Leary looking head to bitch about this movie?

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are John Sullivan and Brad Stine… Brad Stine… this name should ring a bell because a video went viral sometime last year and I made a response to it:

Yeah that guy who apparently destroyed evolution with one of the worst comedy sets ever. It’s one thing to purposefully act like a dumbass about science / evolution and it’s another thing to do it without realizing it.

He was completely serious.

As for the actual lawsuit goes, I think they have a pretty good case for it because as Hemant points out the plot of Proof, the title of film the lawsuit is also concerned with:

At the core of this internal conflict is an engaging professor described and/or portrayed by Plaintiffs in the Proof Treatments as a militant atheist (the “Atheist Professor”) who openly mocks Professor Daniels’ Christian ideology, and further goes so far as to administer a failing grade to a Christian student (“Josh”) who incorporates “Intelligent Design” into one of his papers.

Now, it’s obvious that key points in this general description are prevalent in the film God’s Not DeadThey, Sullivan and Stine, had tried to sell the movie script to the studio for a few thousand but ended up turning it down. After that, Pure Flix started on their own version of the film that Sullivan and Stine had presented but declined to sell.

My guess is that they will win the suit and get a portion of the profit that the movie made which was 30x the price of production.

(h/t Friendly Atheist)


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