Recently I found out through Creationist Cat that the Drunken Peasants got a copyright strike levied against them. The copyright strike was brought on by the christian directors, Christiano brothers, of this “Hey Scotty” clip they love to use to poke fun at one of the hosts (named scotty… do you see why it applies?).

As Creationist Cat reports:

The Christiano brothers have served the Drunken Peasants with a copyright strike for their use of this 9 second clip from their film called “Second Glance” […] They have done this many times before. Most recently with their anti-evolution drama film A Matter of Faith … [EssanceOfThought] fought and won his unlawful copyright strike as did MrRepzion.

CC goes on to explain how the clip from the movie was an internet meme way before the Drunken Peasants started using the clip and how even merchandise was sold using the meme’s popularity.

Down below I have the petition linked to do whatever the fuck these petitions do. I have signed it and I encourage all of you to sign it.

Creationist Cat’s video:

The Drunken Peasents video:

Sign the petition if you feel this is a ridiculous claim


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