Creationism pushed in Louisiana schools

The Friendly Atheist reported on this recently but I wanted to point out some more violations contained within Zack Kopplin’s slate article.

As pointed out by Hemant in his article an email between a teacher her respective principal:

You wanted me to let you know when I was planning the Creation point of view. I will be doing this on Monday 3/21. The students will actually be doing most of the presenting. We will read in Genesis and them some supplemental material debunking various aspects of evolution from which the students will present. We will start off at the beginning of the period and I do not anticipate it lasting the entire time. That will be 1st and 2nd block.

But it doesn’t stop there at all:

After the hearing I followed up with the Ouachita Parish school system to learn how the “discrepancies” in evolution were being taught. I obtained a PowerPoint about the origin of life that is used in Ouachita Parish Junior High School’s life science classes. It presents evolution as just a theory and says that theories are “possibly true” but “not known or proven to be true.” Creationism is also presented as a theory and given equal footing with evolution. Students are taught that the “[b]asis for creationism is founded in Genesis of the Bible,” and “Creationism relies on the claim that there is a ‘purpose’ to all creation known only to the creator.”


 No shit it says it right on the presentation. The entire thing, which I highly recommend you glancing over, goes through pages and pages of strawmanning and misrepresenting science to put Creationism in a positive light. The Creationism page is just one page but yet evolution and science gets shit on for multiple pages… Fair and Balanced my ass.

Of course it doesn’t help with comments from the goddamned Governor like this:

School boards have also used the act to push for creationism. At a 2010 Caddo Parish School Board meeting, board member Steve Riall “said he knows the Governor has granted permission for districts in Louisiana to give equal value in teaching evolution and creationism,” according to the meeting’s minutes.

Oh yes… Jindal is really looking to teach both equally. If by equally you mean defeating a strawman version of science.


If you’re going to educate your child into ignorance, that’s fine but don’t force other kids that would actually want an education to do the same. You’re supposed to serve the public and that means the lowest common denominator and I can guaran-fucking-tee you that it doesn’t include goddamned christian beliefs.

The government is tasked with being secular but these fucknuggets don’t want it to be secular. They want a theocracy where they can force everyone to believe what they want them to believe.

(h/t Friendly Atheist, Zack via Slate)


3 thoughts on “Creationism pushed in Louisiana schools

  1. Creationism is so useless and small in it’s own teachings (God did it, he did everything) that it relies on trying to debunk science, mainly by putting up straw mans, lies and misrepresentations. Maybe if we ignore them they’ll go away…
    The US is luckily becoming more atheist, so your average human won’t have to put up with delusional YEC’s in a century or two.


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