Huckabee: No Regrets on Strawmanning the Transgendered community

Do you remember this video that Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta posted?

Well it has come out from Huckabee on a radio show that he has no regrets in what he said at 18:04 in the video above:

And by the way I take nothing back from that speech. I’m kinda glad it’s posted because people — if they watch the whole clip — what they’ll see is that I’m giving a common sense answer to the insanity going on out there.

What the fuck is he talking about ? A [common sense] answer? You said that the trans community is filled with men who just up and decide they are women. Are you going to tell me that this Transgendered man just up and decided that he wanted to be male one day? Does this Transgendered man belong in the women’s restroom?

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That is not a “common sense” answer. Nothing about you, Huckabee, even fucking whispers common sense.
Huckabee goes on to talk about his “Give No Fucks” attitude:

Everyone wants to be politically correct, everybody wants to be loved by the media and loved by the left, loved by the elitists. But I know I’m not gonna be, so let me just get it over with. I’d rather be a commonsense candidate for people who did take their brains to work today

No, you dumbass. You’re pandering to a specific crowd. That crowd is the Right Wing Christian crowd that has their persecution complex turned up to 11. These types of religious conservatives are part of the Tea Party or other fanatical religiously oriented groups that seek to completely demolish the separation of church and state as far as Christianity goes. They want to push their religious agenda into the government and make America a theocracy. You know… like Iran.

(h/t Buzzfeed)


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