Hawkins residents respond to FFRF with bat-shit insanity

Yesterday, Monday 15 June 2015, the residents of Hawkins, Texas met to discuss the FFRF’s letter requesting that they take down their sign and there was a mixed response from the community with more of it being just bat-shit insane.

As reported by RawStory, one citizen said:

“I say come and take it, baby,” one man says. “Draw the line.”

He goes on near the end of the video to say:

I don’t like northern aggression. I never have.

But when somebody comes and tells me what I’m going to do…

They talk about “read the constitution,” TELL THE PRESIDENT TO READ HIS CONSTITUTION.

First of all dude, calm your overalls down ok. Nobody is telling YOU what to do. They are telling the local government what to do. You are not your government.

Another citizen claimed:

We need to stand for Jesus.

Rest assured it will not stop with one sign. When’s the day coming when they are going to take it from our own private property

Ummmmmm…. That wouldn’t happen. That would be against the First Amendment too. I don’t think you realize it because your hypocrisy is turned up to 11 at this point. This is exactly what a petulant child would do. You tell them they can’t do something and then all of a sudden every fucking rule and precedent goes out the window and just the absolute extremist thing will happen. In this case it is confiscating religious displays from personal property.

I do have to say that there were some rational people at the meeting. One woman suggested a compromise, said in a way that indicates her being a christian, that would allow them a lot of control over the sign and it would be completely legal without costing the city a shit load of money on a court case they would lose.

Another citizen, an atheist this time, said there would be no problem with the sign if it was on private property, which is exactly the case. I am as much against preventing people from putting up their religious displays on their own private property as I am against religious displays on public property. They are both the same in the eyes of the law, which would be illegal.

This case has been very interesting to follow.


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