First of all I want to praise this young girl for taking interest in the STEM fields. I’m highly supportive of anyone showing interest in the STEM fields and I especially like seeing girls actively trying to get into them. Girls in the STEM fields are significantly less in number and I want to actively promote their admittance into the field. Not because of some kind of Bro-fisted reason that I want the guy-to-girl ratio to be a certain number. That is just dumb as fuck.

The fields have been very male dominated and I am very much for equality. I want to see whoever , no matter the gender, shows an active interest in the STEM fields to be given every opportunity to explore and experience that.

The library that was hosting this event though was in fact demeaning boys while excluding girls. According to HuffPost Tech:

“She told us that boys’ academic and literacy skills don’t improve over the summer break therefore this program would only be offered to boys,” Martel said in an email to The Huffington Post. “Her and Cash had a short conversation and went back and forth with reasons why Cash wanted to join the group, and Elaine continuously refused to allow Cash to join.”

Excluding kids like that from a program is simply asinine. I really don’t see how allowing girls to participate as well would hinder a boys ability to learn.

Luckily she fought the Library on it with a petition and was able to change the library’s policy on the admittance of girls into the summer program.

I’m highlighting this because it needs to happen more and it needs to be applied appropriately. I feel this is an appropriate cause to have fought for because girls were being actively excluded. I wish more girls would actively seek to make these kinds of changes in society.


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