The Situation

A redditt user by the handle cyborgxcreeper posted in an LDS subredditt about his niece suffering one of the most horrible things and woman can go through…. being raped.

Rape is horrible and no one should ever go through it or ever be made to go through it. But what she is being put through now can only result in continued mental distress and anguish. She is being told to repent for her sins by the bishop.

Her mom was recounting what happened to me, and she mentioned that she is starting the repentance process with her bishop. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic that she is willing to talk about what happened and work through it. But the idea that a rape victim needs repentance is beyond infuriating to me.

There is no good reason for a woman, girl, child to be raped and to place the blame on the victim here, is despicable. I fucking despise the idea.

The idea that something she did, however explicit or innocuous, caused her to be raped is just wrong on every single level. Now before you blow your load and start commenting about women that falsely accuse raper either because they regret the fuck outta their decision. That’s not what I’m talking about here.

Taking the redditt user at his word he prefaces it by saying:

My 17 year-old niece was raped recently. I could tell you the details (which probably aren’t appropriate in this sub), but suffice it to say: there was nothing she could have done to prevent it, and she did nothing to cause it.

So given that she did nothing … absolutely nothing that increased her chances of rape. She is completely innocent and totally violated in this situation.

Now look at some of the comments about repenting for her sins.


Please leave your thoughts below

(via Reddit)


3 thoughts on “You need to repent for being raped

  1. I’m going to quote a user (/u/Noppers):

    “Pretty much everyone in this thread is right on these points:

    * If the niece was raped, then she had no need to repent. Zero.

    * If the Bishop is telling her she needs to repent, then he’s wrong.

    * It’s possible there has been a miscommunication, especially since we only have a sliver of the facts.

    * It’s possible the Bishop is not calling the niece to repentance, but rather helping her emotionally recover.”

    This basically sums up my (non-Mormon) opinion. If he is making her repent for being raped, then he’s a scumfuck. However, I don’t really but any faith in lay clergy, and not much in any kind of church-affiliated councelors, so my main concern would be that she is being adequately cared for.

    One other thing, here’s a quote by /u/LatterDaze:

    “Often there is a level of guilt and shame felt by the girl after the rape occurred. Guilt and shame are NOT fruits of the Spirit, nor are they the Savior’s tools. So, if the girl is the victim, why do they end up feeling guilty, dirty and shameful because of it? That’s simply insult to injury.

    Generally speaking, victims of rape tend to look inward to see what they could have possibly done to “invite” that event. They then take out the beat-up stick and whip themselves for drinking that night, or going to that party, or wearing that dress, or sending the wrong signals, or any number of thousands of things that sink them deeper and deeper into a depression over it.

    What the “repentance process” does is helps them to work through all of those little, or major, things that they are beating themselves up over. It by no means is there to suggest the victim is to blame for the action, but to realize that the Atonement is there to heal a wounded heart through evaluating one’s own actions, correcting anything that they are accountable for, forgiving themselves for it as Christ forgives them, and then moving beyond the soul-suffering after effects that attend a horrid event like that. ”

    I don’t think that using a mock repentance ritual to help a rape victim get over any kind of guilt, like that encountered post-rape, is in any way a good thing. She needs a licenced therapist, not some bullshit thought up by the same people who believe Native Americans are really the descendents of ancient Israelites who were turned from white to brown because of Cain killing Abel.

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    1. thanks for the input. I agree with you an open view of the situation is needed. All those are possibilities because of the lack of information.

      Excellent comment 😉


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