God Saves Runaway Car

We have some extraordinary dumbasses this week.

  1. One guy disses satan in pure epic fail fashion.
  2. Woman thanks god for her daughters rape
  3. Two girls saved by god when he stops runaway car
  4. The 10 commandments makes shit better for everyone, literally
  5. Health care is about faith



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Islamic Jackasses

Islamic Jackasses

So there are a couple of stories prevalent in the news that need to be addressed. I took the time last night to address them. One is a Muslim shooting a cop in Philly and the other is about Muslims in Germany that are Raping women on NYE.


In Cologne on NYE, a bunch of men decided they were going to go and rape women to start the new year. There have been hundreds of reports of this from that night alone. Only a few have been identified and are being investigated.

One big problem is that where these immigrants are fleeing is that their culture is ingrained with their religion. It’s so heavily mixed, that it is impossible to separate at this point.

A Norwegian woman was raped in Dubai and was arrested for trumped up charges because she was in fact raped. They quite literally have rape culture in those societies due to the religious infusion in their government and culture in general.

See Friendly Atheists Post


In Philly, a cop was a attacked by a muslim man who was apparently waging a personal jihad against the police force and only he knew about it. He’s quoted as saying that he attacked the unsuspecting police officer because he defended laws that were against the Qur’an. Well no shit sherlock… the founding principles of america are against the Qur’an.

What he did though was run up to a parked police car, fires aimlessly into the vehicle, then flees like a lil bitch. The cop that got shot however gets out of his car and chases after the mafucker.

For more commentary and information, please watch the video below:


You need to repent for being raped

The Situation

A redditt user by the handle cyborgxcreeper posted in an LDS subredditt about his niece suffering one of the most horrible things and woman can go through…. being raped.

Rape is horrible and no one should ever go through it or ever be made to go through it. But what she is being put through now can only result in continued mental distress and anguish. She is being told to repent for her sins by the bishop.

Her mom was recounting what happened to me, and she mentioned that she is starting the repentance process with her bishop. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic that she is willing to talk about what happened and work through it. But the idea that a rape victim needs repentance is beyond infuriating to me.

There is no good reason for a woman, girl, child to be raped and to place the blame on the victim here, is despicable. I fucking despise the idea.

The idea that something she did, however explicit or innocuous, caused her to be raped is just wrong on every single level. Now before you blow your load and start commenting about women that falsely accuse raper either because they regret the fuck outta their decision. That’s not what I’m talking about here.

Taking the redditt user at his word he prefaces it by saying:

My 17 year-old niece was raped recently. I could tell you the details (which probably aren’t appropriate in this sub), but suffice it to say: there was nothing she could have done to prevent it, and she did nothing to cause it.

So given that she did nothing … absolutely nothing that increased her chances of rape. She is completely innocent and totally violated in this situation.

Now look at some of the comments about repenting for her sins.


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What’s in the BOX!!!!!

Do you know what was in the ark of the covenant… the answer may surprise you….


Only the two tables of Moses.

1 Kings 8:9

[There was] nothing in the ark save the two tables of stone, which Moses put there at Horeb, when the LORD made [a covenant] with the children of Israel, when they came out of the land of Egypt.

2 Chronicles 5:10

[There was] nothing in the ark save the two tables which Moses put [therein] at Horeb, when the LORD made [a covenant] with the children of Israel, when they came out of Egypt.

The tables of Moses, a golden pot filled with manna, and Aaron’s budded rod.

Hebrews 9:4

Which had the golden censer, and the ark of the covenant overlaid round about with gold, wherein [was] the golden pot that had manna, and Aaron’s rod that budded, and the tables of the covenant;



(via BibViz.com)

TLC Cancels the Duggar show 19 Kids and Counting

19 Kids and Cancelled

It was revealed  recently that 19 Kids and Counting has been cancelled by TLC. I’m fine with that.

I’m fine with a private company cancelling a contract with an employee because they are wanting to distance themselves from a media nightmare…. or because they refuse to support the Duggars fucked up sense of handling sexual abuse situations, either way it’s a good move to make.

However, I can hear the cries and tears of the conservative christian right as another “poor” christian is “persecuted” because of their “faith.” Give me a fucking break.

Quite literally they are not being persecuted.

It’s not Persecution 

It’s quite common in the entertainment industry that actors are dropped by Networks and TV Shows for dumb shit they do off set. This isn’t anything new.

Cynthia Watros (Lost, Titus) and Michelle Rodriguez (Lost, Fast n Furious) were both relieved of their acting positions on Lost after being arrested for DUI’s in Hawaii.

The common thread in this is that they were actors on a fucking show… Not that they are Christians being fucking persecuted for their faith.

9 Year-Old girl fights for STEM Competition inclusion

First of all I want to praise this young girl for taking interest in the STEM fields. I’m highly supportive of anyone showing interest in the STEM fields and I especially like seeing girls actively trying to get into them. Girls in the STEM fields are significantly less in number and I want to actively promote their admittance into the field. Not because of some kind of Bro-fisted reason that I want the guy-to-girl ratio to be a certain number. That is just dumb as fuck.

The fields have been very male dominated and I am very much for equality. I want to see whoever , no matter the gender, shows an active interest in the STEM fields to be given every opportunity to explore and experience that.

The library that was hosting this event though was in fact demeaning boys while excluding girls. According to HuffPost Tech:

“She told us that boys’ academic and literacy skills don’t improve over the summer break therefore this program would only be offered to boys,” Martel said in an email to The Huffington Post. “Her and Cash had a short conversation and went back and forth with reasons why Cash wanted to join the group, and Elaine continuously refused to allow Cash to join.”

Excluding kids like that from a program is simply asinine. I really don’t see how allowing girls to participate as well would hinder a boys ability to learn.

Luckily she fought the Library on it with a Change.org petition and was able to change the library’s policy on the admittance of girls into the summer program.

I’m highlighting this because it needs to happen more and it needs to be applied appropriately. I feel this is an appropriate cause to have fought for because girls were being actively excluded. I wish more girls would actively seek to make these kinds of changes in society.