Islamic Jackasses

Islamic Jackasses

So there are a couple of stories prevalent in the news that need to be addressed. I took the time last night to address them. One is a Muslim shooting a cop in Philly and the other is about Muslims in Germany that are Raping women on NYE.


In Cologne on NYE, a bunch of men decided they were going to go and rape women to start the new year. There have been hundreds of reports of this from that night alone. Only a few have been identified and are being investigated.

One big problem is that where these immigrants are fleeing is that their culture is ingrained with their religion. It’s so heavily mixed, that it is impossible to separate at this point.

A Norwegian woman was raped in Dubai and was arrested for trumped up charges because she was in fact raped. They quite literally have rape culture in those societies due to the religious infusion in their government and culture in general.

See Friendly Atheists Post


In Philly, a cop was a attacked by a muslim man who was apparently waging a personal jihad against the police force and only he knew about it. He’s quoted as saying that he attacked the unsuspecting police officer because he defended laws that were against the Qur’an. Well no shit sherlock… the founding principles of america are against the Qur’an.

What he did though was run up to a parked police car, fires aimlessly into the vehicle, then flees like a lil bitch. The cop that got shot however gets out of his car and chases after the mafucker.

For more commentary and information, please watch the video below:


#GodlessPolitics: The Confederate Flag

There has been some concern in the public about the Confederate flag being taken down and it’s impact on Free Speech. There are some key things to know about this situation.

  1. It has no effect on Free Speech.
  2. The LGBT flag isn’t replacing the Confederate flag
  3. What think of as the confederate flag isn’t the official one, rather it is a battle flag.
  4. You can still fly the confederate battle flag all you want to.

Watch the full video here:

Godless Engineer Interviews: Matt Kovacs, Worshiping Feuerstein

Matt Kovacs of Miami Valley Skeptics recently confronted Joshua Feuerstein about the Red One Camera campaign that he ran last year.

In this part of the interview, full interview is here, Matt explains what the church service was like and how he came to be at the service. We also get to know what was going on in Matt’s head before he confronted feuerstein about the camera.

I put together my research on Feuerstein and his Fraudulent Funding in a video around September of 2014:

I encourage to watch both videos especially if you follow Feuerstein.

If already know he’s bunk, then share this with someone you know that follows Feuerstein.